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It has been a beautiful day today – fine and sunny and not too hot.  Took a ride down the road to the big ‘fatal to walk into ‘cose I’ll come out a lot poorer’ craft shop where they were having a complete rearrangment of departments.  Took us ages to actually find what we were after as the place was totally disorganised – even if the staff did say they knew where everything was lol

Gd1 has finally taken an interest in xstitch so she wanted to find some little kits to practice on.  Didn’t want to look through the enormous pile of easy patterns I have and the offer of aida cloth and threads – this is going to be my learning experience Grandma so I’ll do the choosing.   Found what she fancied and then was astonished at the price.  ‘Told you so’ I ribbed but she took it in her stride and left with a smile on her face looking ready to take on the world (of craft that is!)

Just wondering if she’ll look back in years to come and remember this day??

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I’m sitting here this afternoon thinking about the fracas in Ukraine and wondering how far it will escalate.

I’m also sitting here thinking about our next cruise which will be in October and is around the Black Sea.

1 Cruise Black Sea Oct 2014

As you can see two of the ports on the itinerary to visit are Odessa and Sevastapol.

Is it selfish of me to say I’m just wondering if we will actually get to see them or not!