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Years ago when the children were little I’d sometimes look at the house in dismay – I wasn’t the worlds greatest housekeep preferring to ‘play house’ with littlies rather than ‘keep house’.  It wasn’t dirty (I drew the line at dirt) more like untidy.

Trying to teach 5 youngsters how to be responsible for dressing themselves and putting things away usually resulted in more messy cupboards than tidy ones and corners that seem to breed stuff that was put there ‘just for moment’ rather than put away where it belonged.

So as I say I’d stand there some days and think ‘something has to be done here’.  I struck on what I thought was a novel idea of imagining we had company coming in x number of days and the house had to sorted by then.  Not perfect but sorted to a reasonable standard – meaning I could open cupboards without things falling out and have nothing lurking in corners.

It worked – I’d get them all to help as far as possible, not actually throwing things out even if I did hide a few now and again and by doing this it also gave me a chance to look at what was there and assess the contents.  I used to wonder if toys were like wire coat hangers – I was sure they used the darkness of night to breed lol

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when interstate friends mentioned they were coming over the Melbourne in October – jokingly (but meaning it) Viv said they were coming to a conference and needed a place to stay.  Oh dear, I said we won’t be here on those dates – could we stay in your house even if you aren’t there, she said.  We can use the train to go into town each day.  Of course says I!  Our little girl will have the key and she’s just round the corner.

Then a little lightbulb lit up in my head.  This will give me a chance to sort out all those places I keep saying I’m going to sort – recently I have been having a good hard look around the house muttering yes or no to lots of things and the ‘no’s’ have been off down the op shop quick smart before I could change my mind but this would give me the chance to really get things in order.

I could do it slowly – we leave in September and thats a fair way off.  Take a week or more to really strip each room, empty cupboards and drawers, air the beds, wash spare blankets and sheets as well as linens.  Closer to the time give the kitchen and bathroom a really deep clean etc etc.  Talk about motivation, I had a lean clean tidy uncluttered house visible in my mind already.   Not only would I be able to help Viv and D but I’d have the benefit of all this hard work when I got home 🙂

Then this weekend just gone she rang and said – ‘Hope you don’t mind, we’ve decided to book an apartment in the city, it will be much closer to the venue’.  Well once I was off the phone I felt quite let down, which was stupid because I wasn’t even going to see them when they were here – and felt as though I’d had the rug pulled out from under me.  All that enthusiasm has gone not sure where but it certainly has left my house.

I really thought I had the answer………..
Maybe to get my plan to work I might have to go back a few years
and invent an imaginary visitor lol