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Yes I’m well and truly fed up:

~ with the weather – hot days hot nights.

~ waiting for the promised cool change to arrive

~ hearing the distinctive sound of fire alerts on the radio – knowing some other poor bugger is having a worse day than I am

~ hearing my neighbours ‘having words’ during the night  Hot nights windows open sound travels

~ hearing my neighbours ‘having words’ during the day. They are hot and troubled

~ not getting a parking spot in the shade.  Nothing worse than trailing round a full underground car park and knowing all the outside under trees spots will be filled as well

~ with it being too hot to garden.  Seeing even the sturdiest of plants like Agapanthus frying in the heat is distressing

Supposedly indestructible Aggies

~ with having to be really really careful if I’m on the road.  Overheard/ witnessed a confrontation in the local shopping centre car park after a near miss.  “‘Im hot and don’t need to deal with drivers like you” Crept away quickly as I knew both the drivers lol

~ being unable to comment on some blogs.  Well if I’m inside ’cause it’s too hot to be outside I’ve got to do something.

~ clearing clutter from corners.  How does it get there?  See above. As to why I’m actually doing it.

~ fighting the flab with the over fifties at the gym. And not being able to get a parking spot under a tree which means the car is hot when I come out of the gym

~ seeing all my hard earned cash wizzing round and round on the electric meter ’cause the air con is on all the time

~ with eating salad .  We’ve used up all the odds and ends and cooked meals from the freezer and it’s too hot to cook and restock the freezer.

There is a cool change forecast for later today – let’s hope it does arrive.
Please Please Please let’s hope it arrives!

Edited 9.45pm Sunday evening
As Andrew mentioned (see comments) the cool change arrived
and it is gloriously cool 🙂
Doors and windows are open to catch the breeze
Sleep this evening will be pleasant but our happiness will be short lived
The temps are due to rise again on Tuesday – more days of over 30c/86f are predicted.