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 Yesterday – the day before today
Yesterdays – A former period of time or of one’s life

I remember a little saying my Mum
would sometimes come out with

‘Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present’

Work on Family Histories is made up of Yesterdays 
The yesterdays I’m very interested in are
The past days and years that were lived by my and The Golfer’s family
So no matter what was said or done in the past,
those Yesterdays will always be of interest to me

And of course ‘Yesterday’ features quite a bit in songwriting

There’s the famous  ‘Yesterday’ written by Paul McCartney

This is favourite Yesterday of mine
Yesterday when I was young’
sung here by Charles Aznavour

So what did I do yesterday?
I brought in the recycling bin with it’s Yellow lid


Walked down the street and saw some Yellow flowers
Heard all the kids Yelling in the school playground
(Mind the road!)

And then I lunched on boiled eggs with great big Yellow Yolks and some Yogurt

~ Lunch in the sun ~ Yello yolked egg and Yogurt ~

~ Lunch in the sun ~ Yello yolked egg and Yogurt ~

What did you do Yesterday?

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