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So New Year’s Day I’m driving down the road on my way to the ‘Big Green Barn’ when I had to stop at traffic lights on Canterbury Road.  Sitting there waiting I looked over to the service station opposite and nearly had a fit.  Surely that wasn’t right?  Out came the camera so I could check later, the lights changed and I was on my way.
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Price rise Jan 2014

Found what I wanted at B.unnings – would have loved a bbq’d sausage and onions from the community tent but thought better of it 🙂

Sausage sizzle

Stopped at more lights on the way back up the road and had a look at the price at another servo – add the discount and I had a sinking feeling.  Not good 😦

Price rise here too

So further down the road I actually drove off the road to have a better look at the first one and yes, it was true.
Unleaded petrol had gone up by 20c a litre overnight!!

Price rise

So my other thought for the day – buy your petrol when you think about it.
As I should have done last Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) when I noticed the guage at quarter full 😦