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Yes Friday is here once again
It’s that day between Thursday and Saturday
which turns up regularly every seven days!

Now heres something I bet you didn’t know
The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the “day of Frigg“,
Friday is associated in many cultures with the love goddess Venus, and/or the planet named for her
You might like to visit
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday and find out more 🙂

Anyway I’m going to call today Fun Friday
And to help you shake of all the stress and strain of the regular working week I am going to show you something that, from what I can gather, not many people can walk away from.

It’s a piece of bubble wrap
Yes,  that floppy plastic stuff covered with bubbles full of air
bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items.

Now tell me that doesn’t interest you lol
Tell me you don’t have twitching fingers lol
But to be fair I should say it’s actually a virtual piece of bubble wrap I’m going to introduce you to.

It’s just waiting for you to pop
so click on this link
scroll down the page a bit to where it says pop some now
Click on that link and away you go!

Hours of fun just at your finger tips
What’s more – theres plenty more where that came from
and better still
It’s Free

Does anyone else enjoy whiling the time away doing silly things
Makes you feel good doesn’t it lol