Reading An Exacting Liife the other day I saw that Dar was setting herself a challenge – to read a certain amount of all the unread books she had in her house by the end of next year (2014)  I wondered how anyone could have that many unread books in their house and then took a look at one of our bookcases 😦

First, I must tell you that a few years ago we would go to a discount book warehouse in the city – it was fun to pop in and see what they had to offer and all the books were so cheap as well.  Nothing over $5 which at the time certainly suited our pockets.

To begin with we’d be quite cautious with our spending, the thrill was finding something to read, then it changed and it wasn’t unusual for us to take the train in and come home with at least $50 worth (10 books) to read.  In all fairness I will say lots of them were bought with the idea of taking them to Queensland to read while we spent time up there in the winter.

Then I discovered we could use the library in Bowen – which meant I didn’t have to haul a ton of books in the car; then The Golfer got an ipad which meant he downloaded and read ebooks rather than actual books.  With thoughts of more overseas travel coming up and the need to save we had also got into the habit of using our local (free) library more and more which meant there was still quite a few books sitting on the bookshelfs in the back bedroom lol

Dar’s challenge called Reading Down the House has come at the right time because it was going to be a case of read them or rehome them!!  So I’m showing you the books I hope to read between now and the end of 2014.  There are just 9 in the pile, none of them ‘heavyweight’ – however after looking them up on Fantastic Fiction ( a marvellous site for book lovers) I’ve discovered unbeknown to me some are part of series so I’ll check the library to see what they have that I can read before those ones.  Can see this going into 2015 before I’m finished lol

Books for 2014

Books for 2014

In no particular order:

The Betrayers
Blood Royal both by Harold Robbins (with Junius Podrug)
One Sunday by Joy Dettman
I still dream of you by Fannie Flagg
Blue Earth by Jules Hardy

and these I have discovered are part of series.
Lifeless by Mark Billingham (Tom Thorne)
Odd Socks by Ilsa Evans (Laundry)
The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry (Cotton Malone)
Dead Run by P.J.Tracy (Monkeywrench)

I’ve also got others sitting on the shelf that I know are definitely part of series but they can wait for another time (year lol)

Do you have things in your home that could be the basis of a challenge of any sort?