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After I cleared up the dishes from the tea party the other day I had a wander round the garden and noticed there were Marguerite Daisies (argyranthemum) and Lavender x Allardii  ready for picking along with the last of the tiny blue flowered Forget – me – nots (Myosotis).  Click the gallery to enlarge

With an empty kitchen window sill plus a need to be cheered up – it seemed to me to be as good a time as any to bring some indoors.Daisies and Lavender

Daisies Lavender and CatsIsn’t it funny how when you look at something from one angle everything seems well blended and complete – then when you move and have another glance it appears separated and empty.  A bit like the flowers in the vase above 🙂

And the cat nick nacks were gifts from grandchildren given many years ago.

Jud Strunk once wrote a song about daisies
And each time I pick some from my garden
the chorus goes round and round in my head

I’ll give you a daisy a day dear
I’ll give you a daisy a day
I’ll love you until the rivers run still
and the four winds we know blow away

So guess what I was humming on Sunday
And guess what I’ll be humming today?

Flowers – songs –  memories?
Is it like that for you too?