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Yes but a while ago!
Passing through California in October 2000
We spent a day at the zoo in San Diego

There were two exhibits we’d never seen before so finding where they were on the map of the grounds was top of the list of things to do as soon as we walked through the gates and going by the crowds that Thursday I think every school kid and teacher for miles around had the same idea lol

We stood for a long long time in a glassed underground viewing area watching the Polar Bears swimming around what was called The Polar Bear Plunge
This was the only photo that was any good.

So then it was on to see the Pandas
No hanging around here waiting for the best picture opportunity
We waited for ages before being allowed to walk slowly past their enclosure
Only one good photo – remember this was before the days of digital
or at least before we went digital lol


Sad to say I don’t really remember which panda this was or if the polar bears had names
I can’t find anymore photos from that day so can’t recall anything else we saw that day.

However these days
you don’t even have to fork out the price of an airline ticket  to see the exhibits.
There are many pandas living in zoos outside China

The San Diego zoo now has a fabulous website with live webcams
click on the tab named video
and through the wonders of the www you can see them and other animals live

Some days they are active – others they seem sleepy
Just the luck of the draw – and the weather

Oh and there’s a fun video there of the polar bears playing in snow!



Oh dear, thats the trouble with reliving memories
My little planning book comes out and I start thinking about how nice it would be to return

What triggers those thoughts with you or do never return anywhere for another look?