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At the end of november last year
I told you a tale
A tale of the demise of the lavender round my washing line

After years of growing well and flowering beautifully it hit a bad patch and I ended up chopping all the bushes to the ground

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2010 (3) 2012 (2)

2012 (4)

Then we had the summer from hell with hot hot days and no rain – then we had the winter from hell with freezing cold days and rain rain rain for weeks on end.
Rain means the washing is dried on the back deck not on the big line
and it’s only these past few days when I’ve been pottering about out there
I’ve really looked at those unloved plants

Well lookee here – it would seem all is not lost 🙂

2013 (1)

My lavender (or at least some of it) lives to see another day 🙂

The plants on the left seem to have recovered and are coming on a treat
The plants on the right face away from the sun – well, what little we’ve had during winter.
There are a few little green tips on most of the ones on the right
so if I trim the ones on the left and give the righthand ones some special care
it’s possible they will grow well and maybe catch up!

You know it’s right what they say If you’re not feeling well and are off colour
Cut back your activities – have a rest
Go out in the fresh air and sunshine
It will do you the power of good !

Just look at my lavender plants lol

Have you had anything to smile and wonder about this weekend?