Sitting in his armchair with his feet in a bowl of warm soapy water my Dad would lean back and say ‘This is one of my life’s little pleasures’.  
I won’t go into detail over what Mum would say when he sloshed the water over the edge of the plastic sheet the bowl was sat on lol

So as I was growing up I often used to wonder what mine would be 
‘Life’s little pleasures’ that is.

There must be a little bit of me Dad in me because some of you will remember I’ve  mentioned on more than one occasion how comfortable I feel around water.
Put me near a beach and I’m so laid back I’m almost comatose lol

The Bathing Beauties

The Bathing Beauties 1872
Frederick Arthur Bridgman
1847 – 1928
sold by Christie’s $31,000

Mind you put me in a bath of water and I’m ecstatic 🙂
(Hint Hint)

Most Mums know that when children are little it is hard to ‘get away from them’
(meant in a nice way)
No showers in England in the 1960s so when ours were small quick dips seemed to be the norm –  in the evenings when I knew The Golfer was there in case someone cried
However once they were all at school a whole new tradition began.

Our TV was on a rolling trolley in the 1970s with rabbit ears aerial
Soaps were on at lunchtime
Water running, TV rolled close to bathroom door
kettle on, sandwich made and I was set for an hours soak

 Of course come the 1980s I was back at work
And all that stopped :(-
Life was more hectic – showers were the order of the day.

Now however it’s relaxation all the way
No tv watching these days – but Radio, Book and Coffee
and maybe a sandwich or cake
or even some chocolate lol

 So there you are – I’m sure you’ve guessed
One of my life’s little pleasures is having a bath 🙂


 What’s yours??