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I suppose I’m lucky in that if I want a book to read 3 of the regional libraries are within 3 kms of my house – in different directions.  As well as the ‘big’ one I spoke about previously I often use what I call the ‘little’ library which sits in the shade of gum trees in a small suburb right at the foot of the Dandenongs.

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Within cooee

Inside it has all the same features as the other  – ‘cept for the moving book return and nowhere near as many books – and has still retained that personal feel that libraries should have.  Yes, we grizzle about the dreaded ‘check out your own book’ sytem but we do have a librarian (well more than one) who is more than willing to give you the time of day 🙂

Road to the hills

Montroses check out

I'll help if i canThe little library has a warm and cozy feel about it which the other seems to have lost.    Looking out of the big window you certainly feel connected to the community – it’s right there across the road in the small strip of shops.  The windy path takes you to the local GP’s practice, a pharmacy and the infant welfare centre.  Beyond there across the road is the Vet and the pet shop where Kiera’s meat comes from.

Montrose looking out

This is Montrose library

Library building

Our World Tuesday

Our World