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Changes happen – they go on all the time
whether we like them or not
Usually it’s the ones we didn’t have a hand in that we don’t like lol

For instance……………….

My GP has employed a new receptionist – not happy Jan!  Very abrupt young woman (well girl really) doesn’t have any bedside (front desk) manners – you can hear her talking on the phone………loudly…….to other medical practices about patients.   She has the radio turned up loud…………….so we can’t hear her I suppose but all that does is make her speak louder because she can’t hear! 😦

Our little library close by has changed its system for checking out books meaning they are now inline with all the other libraries in the group ……..scan the books yourself ………..similar to ‘do it yourself – pay at the till’ many big stores are utilising.   The main central branch now has a check the book in yourself system – slide the book onto the converyor belt and it gets checked in as it goes under the scanner……………..we can return books to any library in the group so the belt sort of tips when it gets to the library where the book belongs and it’s slid into a box so its ready to be returned.  No more sorting for the librarians to do and No more time to have a little chat with the librarian when you check out or check in books at the desk 😦

Now a big change we instigated ourselves has meant we won’t be going to Queensland this winter but have decided to visit The Golfer’s aunt in Nova Scotia instead.  She turns 90 in September and our original plans to visit were all up in the air because of my back problems last year so we thought we’d just go up to Queensland instead …………………however all has been well this year (no sciatica pain, no numbness or weakness in the legs on walking) …………..so just a few weeks ago I sorted out some flights.  We will be on our way next month to spend time with the cousins and their families in the Annapolis Valley as well as Newfoundland.   It’s a change I don’t mind and one I’m sure I’ll mention again in the next five weeks before we leave lol

And here’s a change that had me laughing – As I came out of the libarary a couple of Tuesdays ago I saw these ‘sweet looking’ miniature poodles standing there by the door, looking around and waiting so patiently.

Mini P 2Mini P 1

 Then what do I see as I came out the door this Tuesday tied up to the same post but these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and the rear end of what I think is a ‘Westy’ (West Highland Terrier)   Such a very different scene – yes that is a white rear end lol



Try as I might there was no way I could get the group to face the same way at the same time – they just didn’t seem to know how.  That funny little westy was going round in circles not knowing where to face lol

I moved on before the owner came out and accused me of confusing her little ones!

How do you cope with changes – big or small?