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Most of you know I knit – nowadays I seem to knit a lot!
I learnt to knit when I was quite young – I taught my girls to knit when they were quite young – I taught some of my grandaughters to knit when they were quite young – but sadly even tho’ they are all capable – I don’t think any of them have knit for quite a while. 



I don’t think there are many women my age who can’t knit yet it went out of favour for many years.  Slowly it’s re-emerging and becoming a favourite craft again and these days there are lots of younger talented knitters in the community.

I’ll often have something small tucked into a bag, easy to pick up to take in the car or even on the odd occasional train trip.  Last year I even found a nice new bag for these times – it’s just the right size and shape, has a large top zip opening and two zipped pockets on the back – is fun and looks good as well
These photos will enlarge


Found on a market during our Central America cruise 
the front is covered in little ‘Worry Dolls” 
Worry Dolls date back to Mayan traditions. Handmade by Maya Indians living in the highlands of Guatemala from wood and scraps of material to create an amulet to soothe away fear and anxiety. 
The tradition is to tell your worries to the worry people then place them under your pillow at night and let the worry people take your worries away.

Yes, I know those little dolls are supposed to go under your pillow but for me they are just a reminder that life is there to be lived – should be fun and not to worry about things.
Back to the knitting – 
because of this renewed interest it wasn’t a suprise to me a few years ago to learn that a group had declared one day of the year to be a
Knit in Public Day. 
Nothing new for me but taking a lot of courage for other knitters
It’s now morphed into a world wide week long event
and this year World Wide Knit in Public Day 
runs from 8 – 16th June 2013

This all fell nicely into place because last Sunday we had one of those dry sunny dry days I spoke of previously and as I was feeling a bit brighter we took a drive out to The Golfers ‘club’ – and what went with me in the car – yes some knitting.  We spent some time tucked up in the corner of the big lounge (out of the way of other people) warm and cozy enjoying the view from the big picture window.  

Golf Club walking track and ranges

In the spirit of the day I clicked away – which I normally wouldn’t do in the club,   the golfer caught up with some magazines (no prizes for the subject)  
we enjoyed scones and coffee and then I walked over to the rest rooms. 
Guess what I saw on the way
Two other ladies with their knitting – chatting to each other and enjoying life.
Looks between us told the story – yes we were all Knitting in Public 🙂

And what was I knitting on Sunday?
(Photo taken this morning 
finished fingerless mitts and another pair on the go).

Knitting bag and fingerless mitts

Now how about you – do you craft in public?
Have you heard about Knit in Public Day and would you?
There is still time to get in on the act!