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Well I’m not quite sure what
It could have been a wayward sneeze or even a touch of a hand
It definitely wasn’t a kiss from a stranger!

It made itself known to me early last week
Itchy eyes, runny nose, a couple of sneezes of my own
Yes – it was that thing called ‘The Common Cold’

Now we have progressed to  
Oh, my nose is all blocked up
Oh dear, I feel so tired 
Oh, my thoat feels like it has a razor blade stuck in there somewhere.

All the old home remedies are being used
Hot water – Lemon juice – Honey – Paracetamol – my favourite Cough Mixture – Eucalyptus Oil on a tissue 
I know they make me feel good – but not quite as good as a long hot bath

Have you seen those photos of the Japanese Macaque Apes aka Japanese Snow Monkeys – the ones who spend part of the winter hanging around in hot poolsMACACA FUSCATAhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Japanese_Macaque

They all seem to have a peacesful expression on their faces – they are enjoying the moment.  That lovely feeling of warmth all around – easing tired bones and muscles – feeling all the cares of the day just rolling off their shoulders

Well thats just how I’ve felt each evening as I’ve soaked in the bath before I went to bed.  Now if I could just find out who it was who shared their germs with me I’d tell them to stay home just the same as I have had to do this past week.

I’ll see you all another day