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Here’s the same view from my front door as I showed last week 
Yesterday morning and again this morning I could see something different there
Something so very different to last week.
Blue skies and very little cloud 🙂


It’s funny what the prospect of a fine sunny day does to the spirit
Yesterday I went to lunch with VIEW Club friends
and came home feeling better than I had for weeks

Today I’m off to the library to return some of the books
that have kept me company during those weeks

Last year I read an article in the RM Williams Outback magazine
about Australian authors – female Australian authors
featuring those new authors who seemed to specialise in what is called
‘rural fiction/ rural lit’
Stories with a female main character set away from the city in a rural setting

Two I’ve just finished are by Karly Lane
North Star
Morgan’s Law

For me they were not too heavy – not too dramatic –
not too sickly romantic (or crude) – readable and believable
Here are a couple of longer in depth review you may like to read

Will be on the look out for her third novel
Bridie’s Choice

Thanks for all your supportive comments and emails
I’ll be doing some visiting soon
See you tomorrow