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It hasn’t rained today
unlike countless days last week
It has even been warm today – well warmer than last week
and so far (3pm) I haven’t had the heating on either
But possibly it just felt that way because it wasn’t raining lol

This what it looked like at 10am on Sunday morning
 Storm clouds to the front 

1 From the front wondow

Definitely black looking down the street from the front door.

2 From the front door

We had a visitor on the power line up near Bert’s house 🙂
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

3 Cocky in the tree top

Looks like he had some mates in Bert’s other tree4 More Cocky friends

Normally they ‘hang out’ in the big gum tree at the bottom of the back garden
No idea why they took up that position 
‘cept maybe with some of the trees losing their leaves
they can see more of the neighbourhood

It was good weather for rummaging through cupboards and making decisions
Yes – the ‘do I need it’ ones 
Looking at the back seat of my car this morning
it would appear there were oodles of things I didn’t need
The things I didn’t need went to a collection van at the shopping centre

For those of you interested
the Snow Ski Season begins here in Australia in a couple of weeks 
Ski Victoria have a fairly good website
and as some of the resorts have already had falls
they are all hopeful of a good season

Mt Buller is just over a couple of hours away  

Mt Hotham a bit further in a slightly different direction

 Roll on summer!!