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Visiting friends interstate is fun particularly when they have similar interests
We arrive with goodies I think they will enoy
and often leave with goodies they think we will enjoy.
This time I passed on a couple of books 
and funnily enough came home with a couple 🙂  

One was Tears of the Moon by Di Morrisey
A very prolific well published Australian author who often writes about Australia but also about Australians living in other lands
Tears Of The Moon

One of her ealier releases it was published back in 1995 –  I think this particular p/back copy is from about 2002. 

The other a very thick older copy of a an omnibus edition
of what is known as the Tradescant Series  
Earthly Joys (1998)The Virgin Earth (1999)
Two novels about a gardening family set during the English Civil War 
by Phillippa Gregory  
earthly joys virgin earth

So looking for something new to read last night I picked them up
looked at the ‘thick one’, put it down, then thought I’d give it a go.
It is one of those small sized paper backs (7″ x 4″) with ‘very’ small print
I took a quick glance at the other book 
Same there – Same size – Same small print!!

Now I know those eye ops I had earler this year were successful and I don’t need specs but reading these looks like it’s going to be a bit of a trial. 

Somewhere in the house are several pairs of those little readers
you know the ones you get from the $2 shops
they might help

If only I knew where I’d hidden them!!

Have ‘you’ had any problems locating things recently??