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My donations to KOGO for this Autumn are nearly ready to go – just need to find a box and they will be on their way.

This has been an ongoing Summer project – after the little ones (baby sizes) were finished I started on some larger sizes – Big Ted was a fun one to knit closely followed by Cream and Brown – then I needed to do some girly ones.  These are just a couple of the cardigans plus some more suitable for outdoors – this isn’t everything thats going in the box – the table would be full if showed them all lol

2 Big Ted and Friends

3 Outdoor rugged

4 More Fair isle colour work

5 Cocky in the tree top

1 KOGO April

So now I’m off to the supermarket and see if they have any whole boxes – they tend to get flattened and tossed into the recycle skip soon as the shelves are filled.  Wish me luck!