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Well Australia Day has been and gone, lots of little kids have begun the school year and other bigger ones will be on their way this week onwards
Sunrise and sunset times are gradually changing
SR 6.35 yesterday 6.36 today
SS 8.33 yesterday 8.32 today
So that means the year has now begun proper! 🙂

And ‘our big girl’ has had her birthday
Yes, another of my brood has turned the magic half century.

Our big girl all grown up So how does that make me feel?
Pleased in a way that they have managed to get this far with out any major catastophies – apart from failed relationships
Sad that they had to experience those but glad that they both have now settled into a more stable way of life

My ‘big girl’ is rather similar to her MumMe and J 1963

(Or the way she used to be)
In that she likes a glass of bubbly now and again
NO I don’t look like that now but this photo does bring back memories
Lets just say a good time was had by all lol Hey Blondie

She also shares another liking with a different family member
This might give you a hintJ and the chocolate cake

Do you remember my Aunty Pam
whom I wrote about quite frequently over the years
Seen here with J on a couple of occasions

J and A PamA deadly disease

Well this was A Pam on her last birthday before she left us in 2011A Pam and the chocolate birthday cake

And here’s J at her celebration the other night

J and the chocolate birthday cake

Any ideas??