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I see things beginning to bloom
Like these in the garden earlier this week

Actotis – Marguerite Daisies – and early unanmed roses 

Cornflowers from last year
that I hope will give me another display next year

Scabiosa – Pincushion Flower – that gets wider each year

The tiny flowers of Sisyrinchium Devon Skies
that also grows in size each year
along with the last of the purple flowered Cuban Lillies

I see spaces I hope will be filled by summer’s start
And the Abutilon (Chinese Lanterns) in the background by Kiera’s pen

There’s that and lots more

‘Cept it can’t be enjoyed this afternoon
because the weather can’t make up its mind
what it wants to do.

Beautiful one day
Horrid the next
Don’t you just love Spring in Melbourne!!