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Before we went away (gosh those words seem to be appearing here quite frequently) I accepted the fact we wouldn’t be rolling in cash and needed to find thrifty ways to entertain myself for those weeks – walking and enjoying the sunshine were free, the reading knitting and craft would have to be done on the cheap so to speak.  The knitting was taken care of courtesy of all the yarn in the stash and I had some cross stitch already on the go  – just the reading to sort out.

It was then I remembered something I had discovered just the day before we came home last year – if you were an Australian resident you could on proof of residence (eg drivers licence) join the local library in Bowen (for free) – problem solved!  Meant I didn’t have to take a pile of books with me, just the one to keep me happy in the car and then I could borrow to my hearts content all the weeks we were there.

So once we hit Bowen early in July I tootled off to the library where everything they had was going to be mine – maybe not in such copious quantities per week as locals – but mine to borrow if I wish.  When she handed over my card the libarian said – ‘take this as an opportunity to find some new authors, don’t just read the ones you know, take a punt, just pull a book off the shelf and read it.  You never know who you will find – maybe a new favourite author’

Its a terrible thing for me to say but this past year I’d gone off reading, so  very unlike me, maybe I’d become too intent on knitting and picking up a book seemed like hard work.  The discount bookshops were closing down and with the terrible weather we had I couldn’t be bothered to go to the library.  As well as being an ‘anything and everything’ sort of reader I’d had fun over the years reading about Alex Deleware, Jack Reacher and Myron Bolitar – but the trouble was with central characters like that each new book seemed to be the same (don’t tell the authors that tho lol).

So this seemed a good time to take the libarian up on her joky suggestion – pick up a book, don’t read the inside cover or the back, just take it home and start reading it.  Thats just what I did and guess what – it worked – I ‘did’ discover an author I enjoyed and wanted to read more of.

Fishing through the section of C authors I pulled out a book called Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier and read it over 2 days.  Thoroughly enjoyed it – It wasn’t until I got to the end I discovered the characters were based on two real ladies and historical events.  Couldn’t wait to go back and check the shelf for more of her works.  Problem was this was a rather small library and there was only one more book there – Girl with the Pearl Earring – also read over a couple of days and based on fact as well.  Two very different books that captured me from the first page to the last.

Since we’ve been home this rotten cool weather has had me looking for indoor rather than outdoor pleasures.  I know reading and knitting can be done either way but they seem to be particularly nice when done in a comfy armchair inside.  Once I finished all that was to be finished on the charity knitting last week (see previous post) I then spent some time at my regular libary here at home in search of some new and interesting things to read.

Can you  imagine how I felt when perusing the C section and there was a book called The Virgin Blue by the author I’d only just heard of.  This also is based on historical issues and I devoured it in a couple of days – written with two plots running side by side – not a favourite of mine – and the modern character got on my nerves but it was readable.  Can’t wait till my name gets to the top of the waiting list for the other ones I’ve put on order.

Its often said ‘many a true word is spoken in jest – and the young librarian was only joking when she made her suggestion………… but what am I going to do when I’ve read all that Tracy Chevalier has written?

Guess I’ll have to go through that routine again.  Pick a book – any book!!