Its Monday again
I think we’ll refer to it Funday from now on lol

This joke is called Grandma’s revenge
All us Grannies will understand
Those that don’t will find out why when they get to the end:)

Grandma’s Revenge

It was Timmy’s 5th birthday
and he had great fun opening all the presents he received.

He was saving the biggest parcels for last
so it was quite a while before he opened Grandma’s present.

“Wow” Timmy shouted in delight
when he saw the mini drum set that his Grandmother had got for him.

“Thanks Grandma this is just what I wanted.”

After Timmy went to bed that night Timmy’s mother approached her mother.

“Ma, I’m surprised at you
don’t you remember how it used to drive you crazy
when we used to play the drums in the house growing up?”

Grandma smiled and then said “I remember, of course I remember.”

Now none of us would do that to our children would we!

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