Sort out – to find a solution to (a problem)

Seeing Libby’s post yesterday where she was planning their Disney trip reminded me I hadn’t told you what it was I ‘sorted’ last Saturday.

About the middle of last month (May) our travel agent informed us that the cruise we had booked for December this year had actually been cancelled – the cruise line offered us lots of incentives and freebies for other cruises before and after that date but none suited us so I said ‘sorry no deal’ and asked for our deposit to be returned.  With seven months notice and all those offers there wouldn’t have been too many disappointed/unhappy cruisers.  No problem for us, it had been a fun decision to spend those couple of weeks cruising the South Pacific, sort of like a late birthday present for us both.  And we hadn’t lost out as the deposit would be refunded in full.

A week later I began to miss what would have been and looked for something else to fill that time.  I found a cruise I fancied leaving about the same time in December, similar price as well, and a few days longer which was great – the only thing was it wasn’t on our back door step.  The cancelled one would have sailed from Sydney and this one involved long haul flights which certainly were not planned for!  Now as this was to be our year for domestic travel I had to do some ringing around to get a good price for the fares we hadn’t intended to take before actually booking the cruise.  We were able to transfer the original deposit to the new cruise so didn’t have to find cash for that, thank goodness.!

Air travel was arranged  – but to offset the unexpected airline fares we had to economise somewhere.  Cabins were looked at – and one was decided on.  Not our first choice but certainly not in what we would consider the ‘worst’ range.  Then I discovered it was right under the kitchen area – No wonder it was a ‘good price’ lol – so it was back to the deck plans and price list again.

So this is what I was ‘sorting’ last Saturday – finding a cabin within our budget to take the place of the one I had chosen originally.  The listed price for the new cabin was a bit more expensive than the original one but the TA managed to get it for the same price.  Hopefully I won’t have anything to complain about when we get home!

Oh, guess where we are going – we are going to sail/cruise through the locks of the Panama Canal from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale. Down past Mexico, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, through the canal, past various Caribbean islands and then up to Fort Lauderdale. Its going to be different to anywhere else we have been and in the meantime I’ll be doing a lot of research into each of the ports along the way.

Have you done any problem sorting recently?

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