Libby from ‘Life is a Destination not a Journey’ has set herself the task of posting every day during June.  Now for a while there I was a bit down and certainly not in a chatty sort of mood so I thought that if I joined in with doing this it would get me back into a blogging routine again.

We are one week down and if you want to catch up with my daily posts here are links to the ones you may have missed.

June 1st – Do your jobs first!

June 2nd – You never know –

June 3rd – How do you get ideas for a post?

June 4th – You can’t take them anywhere!

June 5th – Blooming lovely for this time of the year

June 6th – School Samplers

June 7th – Its the little things that make me smile

Week number two begins tomorrow!!

edited to add:  Thank you Denise for telling me the links aren’t working.  It seems there have problems with linking to the actual page so I have added what I hope is a usable links.  Fingers crossed:)
Failing that just scroll down to read the seven previous posts lol