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There are times when I am not the tidiest of people – there are times when I choose the easiest of ways.  Which accounts for the build up of stuff that was outside the back door.  Most of it was destined for the garage which means taking it down the steps round the corner of the deck and in through the garage door.
Sounds simple enough doesn’t it – but not for Catherine when its cold and possibly wet.

You know the expression ‘when I get around to it’  (which some days is used a lot by me) well, my mother often told me to ‘do it now’ and not wait till I got ‘around to it’ – unfortunately neither ‘now’ nor ‘around to it’ have been uttered at our house recently.
Words like ‘when I feel like it’ seem to have appeared more frequently- hence the build up of stuff outside the back door. 🙂

She also used to tell me to do my jobs/homework first, then I could play – don’t you hate being told that, I know I did.  I’ve got a daughter battling with her daughter over the same issue so I can see it from both sides.  Its always the easiest things that get ticked off my lists – Jobs and Home/Housework are often way down the bottom – hence the build up outside the door 🙂

So, seeing all that and knowing there was a lovely warm fire inside and things to play with (not the fact I tripped over something on my way out the door) I knuckled under the other day and put it top of the list.

I had found the time to get a ’round tuit’ and put it to good use lol

 Voila! One tidyish deck with no obstacles ready to jump out at my feet lol

Would you like to see what was waiting by the fire for me when I’d finished ?
None other than the lady herself!

No sooner had I sat down than she was up and on her way over.
You know, I’m sure I heard her muttering something about
‘taking your time out there’

So yes Mum, there are times when doing my jobs first is a good thing
and doing it ‘now’ is better than waiting till I get ‘around to it’

Now where was I – you want a cuddle – how can I resist!

Did you know that:
In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time’

Who would have guessed.  Not sure how I can change my procrastinating ways.  Anyone have any interesting (easy) ways?

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