Bert lives up the street from us – he has the most beautiful Liquid Amber tree in his garden.  It’s huge and towers over nearly all the trees in the street and does a great job shading his house from the afternoon sun in the Summer.  It’s just visible from my laundry window – not that I stand there all that much –  but it’s quite nice to look at when the leaves turn red in the Autumn.

Cheryl lives on the other side of the steet – she has one in her garden as well.  I can see hers from the top of our drive and it also turns a fabulous red in the Autumn.

When it rains at this time of the year the gutters get filled with leaves – red leaves from a Liquid Amber tree.

Because of the bend in the footpath they gather at the top of our drive – the rain pushes them along but often they will overflow on the footpath.

I know where they come from but wouldn’t have the heart to complain.  For many years I would trundle my barrow up the street and gather up all the leaves for the compost but Bert’s wife retired recently and with time to spare has been doing a sterling job at collecting them herself.

The two trees compliment each other so well – normally looking spectacular – even with all the rain we’ve had they still look good against the heavy skies.