What is Monday like for you?  Are you a traditional housewife for whom Monday is wash day? It used to be  heavy work but these days with all the household aids any day could be wash day.  Is Monday for you the day you head off to work after a couple of days at home – or is it the day you heave a sigh and sit down for a while in peace and quiet – knowing you have all day to yourself until the children arrive home from school.  In the past I’ve enjoyed all of those Mondays and now my Mondays in retirement are different again.  Since I stopped paid employment I’ve deliberately never had a regular routine for Monday which means I can enjoy whatever turns up – make me an offer and I can be there lol

Would you like to see a Monday in Victoria – this is what it was like here yesterday – A true Rainy Day and a Monday to boot. The last Monday in May 2012.    Heavy skies, freezing cold without a trace of wind – certainly not a good day if your wash day is a Monday – my neighbour’s flag hung like that all day long.

No matter which way I looked it was the same – dull dreary grey skies.

This is what I saw over the top of next door’s roof – a leafless tree silhouetted against that heavy grey sky.

Signs of rain and winter everywhere


Officially Winter begins in Australia this coming Friday – June 1st – something makes me think it has made an early appearance!  What was your Monday like?