Could be titled ‘Sleepy Time Girl’
But more likely
‘The sleeping habits of a cat!’

I’m trying out something different today
I’m trying out the photo gallery feature
I’m hoping its going to work and there isn’t a huge blank space
down at the bottom of this post lol

On a recent autumn day when the leaves were starting to turn
The clouds came down making the nearby hills barely visible
So a certain feline made the decision to change her sleeping arrangements.

She moved from the ground floor
– her favoured outdoor spot during the warmer months –
(as can be seen here in this post and also in this one)
And went up a level to her favoured spot for the cooler months.

Look below and see what happened
as she became re-acquainted with the igloo

If you click on a photo they enlarge and form a slide show

Wonder what she was dreaming about??

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