The seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are changing
Mum of Mum’s Simply Living Blog
(who is retired and doing what she wants to do – living simply and simply living !!) thought it would be fun if she organised a Virtual Spring Fair as a way of celebrating.

You are all invited to come along
– enjoy the fun – be entertained –
and spend lots of virtual money lol.

AND if you would like to join in the fun by having a stall or helping in any way
pop over to Mum’s Simply Living Blog and tell her what you’d like to do.
I’m sure she would welcome you with open arms

There are spots on stalls and booths still available
There is even a Spring Hat Parade where you can show off your latest creation

So as I said ‘Do pop over and put your name down’
Unsure of whats involved – here are some posts that will certainly help

I have volunteered to hold a craft stall featuring my speciality
– Hand Knitted Babies and Children’s Sleeveless Jackets –
or should I say
Hand Knitted Sleeveless Jackets for Babies and Children lol
plus some other things of the wintery type that may be of interest to you

Visit Mum to join in
and see a full list of the other participants

Remember this date
Saturday March 31st 2012
Its going to be a great day
I’m looking forward to seeing you here and also visiting the other stall holders.

Mum’s Blogland Virtual Spring Fair