Browsing around the internet I found this article on the BBC site
titled ‘When I grow up I’ll be’
it’s a follow up on a study done with 11 year olds in 1969.
I found it an interesting read.

And I had to laugh as just by chance this cartoon arrived by email the same day
– ‘When I grow up I want to be like Mommy’
not sure how long it’s been doing the rounds but it rang a bell with me.

Did any of you have the child that wanted to be a Mum because they stayed home all day and did nothing?

I wonder if they remembered that wish when they became first time parents and stayed at home ‘doing nothing’ except clean and wash and iron and nurse and feed a babe?

When I’m out walking I occasionally see a little boy and his younger brother playing in front of their house.  Well actually its more like the bigger one is playing and the other is hanging around watching lol

The Mum says the younger one wants to do everything his older brother does
‘Me too, Me too’ is his catch phrase.

The bigger boy tells me that ‘When I grow up I’m going to make swings that go down to the ground so that younger brothers can climb straight into their swings just like he does and not have to wait for Mums to lift them up and complain because they are getting too heavy!!

Sounds good to me – wonder if he’ll ever do it?
Has your life been the way you thought it would be when you were a youngster?