Are you a creature of habit?

Do you do the same things each day – clean your teeth the same way – go to bed at the same time – set the table in the same manner – sleep on the same side of the bed?

Is that habit or just finding ways to do things in ways that suit?

I didn’t think I worked that way until yesterday.

Dh has gone interstate for a few days which is good in some ways – it makes me feel single – I can do what I like and when I like, I like to think of it as being independent lol

It’s also bad in others – I’ve got used to having him around to solve my problems lol

I needed his strength to open a new jar of pickles last night, I was using all my strength trying to twist the top and do you think I could get it to move.  I used my two ‘sticky’ cloths but they didn’t work, put the lid under hot water, gave it a bash on the side, no luck.  Then I solved the problem with a trick I’d heard somebody  recommend – use the point of a knife and ‘lft’ the lid a little to break the seal and the top will unscrew.

Result: Cheese and Mustard Pickles for tea lol

But back to the habits part of this post.

During the day I nipped into the loo and automatically closed the door – did the same thing later in the afternoon, then as I was doing that very same thing just before going to bed it dawned on me that there was no one else apart from the cat in the house so why was I closing the door?

Maybe I am a creature of habit after all lol