This week I picked some unamed Roses 
and the easy to grow Buddleja which have decided to rebloom
Now our weather has been so strange this year –
torrential rain storms some weeks – dry heatwave conditions other weeks
its a wonder anything has grown let alone flower again lol
So I tried photographing them this way – but the vases didn’t look right
The colours look too dark yet the camera flash ‘said’ there was enough light’
Trouble is if I ‘alter’ them they take on a very pale look
so here they are ‘as is’
  Tried the vases this way – still don’t look right
Maybe the stems are too long ? 
Anyway my smiling curly tailed friend is happy with his new equally rotund friends 
Did you know
Most flowers are lavender or purple, but they can vary in colour from white to pink to mauve.
The name Buddleia commemorates a botanist Adam Buddle,
 an early 18th century clergyman born in Lincolnshire.
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