Its become a tradition now we have finally retired that while we are physically able and also finacially able we spend the winter somewhere other than in the cold of Melbourne.  Not that there is anything wrong with Victoria in the cold of Winter – we just prefer to spend it somewhere else a little bit warmer:))

So we are just beginning to plan this year’s Winter trip.  All being well we are going back ‘up north’ to the warm and sunny climes of Far North Queensland, which is where you will find this tiny beach at Horseshoe Bay about 5 kms from the centre of Bowen which is the most northerly town in the Whitsunday region and where we make our base.                                

This is a special little beach that seems far away from it all yet is just a short drive from suburbia
From the carpark
This particular day we drove down there one afternon and were surprised to see no one there
Too hot, and I think they’d all gone back to their ‘vans to have a little snooze:))
 Looking to the left
And to the right
Below you will see what look like another rare view of the beach – almost empty lol
Taken on a cooler day when we took the walking track to the Rotary Lookout.
A good view of the safe shallow beach and the rocky area which is good for snorkelling.
Also a deceiving view as there were loads of people there –
‘cept they were all sensibly sitting under the overhang of the trees in the shade!!
Do you have any special memories of Watery Places with Watery Views?
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