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I’m not sure if you remember the book I was going to start reading the other week
Deborah Crombie – Water like a Stone

Some warm days recently – just right for doing nothing – meant I could settle down and do just that.

To tell you the truth
even tho it was an easy to read novel there was something about it that kept confusing me.
So many characters arrived in such a short time that by page 48 I had to start a list so I could keep up with them and keep tabs on who was who.  They all seemed to have had ‘doings’ with each other lol
Heres the proof!!
A policeman and his ‘partner’ (also in the police force) take his son and her son (oh and their two dogs) to spend Christmas with his parents in Cheshire and thats where the story begins. Two ‘murders’ or rather deaths did keep things moving along – as well as the descriptions of life on the canals and the narrowboats – sometimes called barges but I believe there is a difference – as well as all the intricacies of families and how they relate to each other.  Teenage fears and worries, marriage breakdowns, corporate crime, social work – all that and more in 500 pages lol
Even tho it had lots of what I call side roads (some people call them red herrings) and there was flashbacks in italics that were supposed to give an insight into one of the characters (unidentified so you had to try and work out who they were) which to me were a pain in the ……… I did enjoy reading the book and might even look for more of what I believe is a series about the two main characters (Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James) at the local library.