Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you
see here for the originThis week I found some small isolated rose buds on the nearly empty bushes

 Just the right size for dressing my kitchen window sill
(Mid season its hard to find many – hopefully the bushes will be covered in a few weeks)
The cluster of pink blooms is from a bush called ‘The Fairy’
unfortunately the white one is called ‘unknown’
This label as well as lots of others seems to have gone walkabout over the years!
There were also some slightly larger lone blooms
they made it to a little Mikasa vase which sits nicely beside the tiny one
My smiling curly tailed friend is there as well lol
Those are the last of a cherry tomato crop – no matter  how long they sit there they don’t seem to go red.  I did wonder if thats the colour they should be ‘cept the picture on the label is red.
Have to say not many of them have actually made it on to a plate either
as they are in a handy snack position lol
Now here’s a quote that to make you think!
Life is a rose – Beware of the thorns
More beautiful flowers can be seen here