I know for many others these things seem to be decided early in the New Year
so it would appear I’m late to the party here.
I’ve decided my Word for the Year 2012 will be ‘communicate’

Not because of any fears or worries I may have had recently

Thank you for all your kind words and emails on that prickly subject
I have resolved not to let it bother again.
If it rears its head again I’ll just knock it down with my party shoes lol
Last week I was in a large shopping centre and sat down to rearrange my bag – another lady sat down and started talking.  Well, I don’t think she speaks to many others as by the time she ‘stopped for breath’ I’m sure I had been filled in on all her worries and woes as well as what she was having for dinner that night!  She did say she lived alone and really enjoyed ‘our chat’ which would explain a lot. 
Then just the other day as I finished talking to a very old friend and was saying said goodbye, I happen to say ‘I’ll talk to you another day’ which is what I often do when saying goodbye.  Her reply to me was ‘ please do Cathy as I talk to so few people these days’
Her family is busy – she has many friends (widowed like her) but they all seem to be busy – some don’t like to talk on the phone others can’t get out – she does drive and visits them but says its always her that makes the effort – is happy with her own company yet she doesn’t want to end up closeted in her house lonely
So the one objective I have this year is to communicate in as many ways as I can.
Not only with friends and family and not only with words
I’ll be going back to Wednesday Warblers – the community singing group I attend where we get together and ‘just sing’  There are some mentally challenged men who come along with their carers and it gives them the opportunity to recall some of the songs they knew years ago.  With a song sheet projected on the wall they can follow along and even if they can’t actually sing the words its often obvious at times from the humming or hand movements they are having some memory recall. 
I have some charity knitting planned as well as Aged Care visits
to the nursing home where Aunty Pam lived.  
Touching is communicating:)
As for what else, well my thinking cap is going on!!

So what are they dogs doing here?

(Seen in our caravan park – Bowen Far North Qld – August last year)
These beautiful black labradors waited patiently by the ‘van door while the owners did last minute packing chores
But it all got too much for them – not a word was spoken (woofed)
One just stood up and as if by magic silently ‘communicated’ they wanted to be on their way lol
Not two minutes later the doormat, the chair and the dog’s bowl had vanished
the ‘van was hitched, dogs and owners secured in the car
and they were all on their way     
I’m sure Lois will know exactly what was going on there lol
Lois has two labs living in her home –
She also write a blog about life on land as well as at sea