When we go overseas with airfares being what they are – expensive – I usually try to pack as much into the trip as I can –  so last year knowing we were going to Canada to see rellies in Nova Scotia I worked out we had enough in the kitty to do another Alaskan cruise and also go with friends to Newfoundland.  We aren’t that well off and it does take some planning for these things to happen but it is achievable
Anyway as I was watching David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet last night
oohing and ahing over the polar bear cubs
I remembered the ones we saw last year
We were in Ketchikan when we came across this huge great brute
Not sure which store it was in but look at the size of it – take it down to ground level and it would still tower over Dh
You wouldn’t stand a chance if that caught you by surprise and as cuddly as he looks you certainly wouldn’t want to shake him by the hand

This one which looked more like the size of a cub than an adult was reclining on the floor of the Grenfell House Museum in St Anthonys Newfoundland
Peolpe were saying how lovely and soft and cozy it looked till they actually had a proper look at the head
  Even as tiny as it was I still thought those teeth were a bit on the large size lol
Another little beauty lives in The Durrell Museum at Twillingate 
This really does give you an idea of what it’s like to be up close and personal with a polar bear
Look at the size of those claws – anyone do manicures??
We did see them live once before – it would have to have been in the late 1990’s not long after they arrived at San Diego Zoo.  No photos tho’ – I spent the whole time engrossed in looking at them and watching them through the glass window of their swimming pool. 

Has anyone had dealings with Polar Bears? 
Nice ones or scary ones – I’d love to hear about them