It was like a different world when I got up this morning
A change in the weather
and the status of my back and leg
meant I was able to take a short walk
The rain had finally stopped –
and, oh has it rained over the past few days
Not only torrential rain but gale force winds and lightning storms to go with it
and give us the wettest September day for nearly 100 years
The sun was shining and it felt as though Spring had returned 
I really needed to be outside, being cooped up inside is not my favourite thing
I couldn’t wait to be off tootling down the street in the pleasant sunshine
warm enough not to need a coat lol
I cruised along at a nice gentle pace 
slow enough to be comfortable and take in the gardens I walked past
yet fast enough to feel as though I was actually ‘working’ and doing some good
As far as the dreaded sciatica is concerned I feel like I’ve turned the corner
If I continue with the stretching exercises hopefully the problem will be away
Not forgotten about tho’
– memo to myself –
When it comes to lifting remember the OH&S thought
‘Does it need to be moved and do you need someone to help you’
Anyway back to what I saw on my way round the suburbs
Some lovely bright Gazanias brightening up both sides of an old fence
A clump of Convolvulus straddling the corner of a fence and trying to climb the post box
Some lovely pink and white African Daisies (Osteospermum) looking fresh as they scramble through this metal fence.  Wonder if they’ll make a right turn and travel down the drive
Then when I got home I realised I had some Seaside Daisy (Erigignon) trying to escape round the front of the garage 
This is my entry for Todays Flowers
I realise there’s more text here than pictures but then that’s me lol
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