Remember the lone seagull in the previous post
click the photos to enlarge further
Several people mentioned him in the comments
so I went looking for the rest of the photos I had taken  
and what’s surprising is that they all look very similar
I spied him/her as I was walking at the rocky end of a beach one day
There he was having a paddle in the shallows all by himself
Not another gull near him
Or even on that part of the beach as far as I could see
He just stood there as the waves came rolling in
Looking out to sea!
I walked closer and moved about a bit
but he wasn’t in the least bit fazed
Just let the waves roll in and out around his little legs
When this man came down on to the rocks I thought he’d be up and away
but no he continued to stand there in world of his own
The man moved around but not the gull lol
I had to move on – he was still standing there
I did begin to wonder if his feet were stuck in the sand
but when I looked back a short while later
there was no sign of him