A break in the weather early last week – yes it did stop raining for a while – meant I could get outside and do a bit more tidying up.   We are tootling off ‘up north’ in a few days so I don’t want to come home to a jungle – even tho from past experience I know thats what I’ll find when we do get back:( 

One of the jobs I did was to dismantle my failed veggie garden.  We have a spot down near the back of the garden that I thought would be good for veggies – out of the way but still visible – visible usually meaning I won’t forget to water lol 

I used a piece of grass that is between two ‘garden beds’ and really is ‘just there’, a means of getting from one part ot the other and by leaving a space at each side I figured wouldn’t be missed.   So I did all the right things, got Dh to make a boundary edge like a fence and layered all sorts of things to make a lasagne (no dig) bed, waited a little while for it to settle and then planted.
There were no warm sunny days and it rained and rained also I’d forgotten that even tho’ that spot gets loads of sunshine in the Autumn and Winter (like now) its quite shady in Spring and Summer.  

Nothing prospered so I gave up on it.   

That area used to make a wonderful spot for the grand boys to set up some cricket stumps – when they  were little and grandma wasn’t so protective of the plants nearby lol
I’m sure with all the rain we are having it won’t take long for this to grass over again.

I’m going to turn the old compost heap over when we get back and have another go in that area. Its sort of visible, behind the washing line and right beside the tank, so I won’t be able to complain about carting water from one end of the garden to the other.
Talking of gardens look at these roadside ones we saw on the north west coast of Newfoundland.  So much of the land is rocky with no usuable soil so the people are able to take over bits of the roadside (crown land) that are soft and diggable – fenced to keep out stray Moose and other animals that may come by.
Ingenious and trusting eh?
But then there are so few living in that area
if you did pinch some of the produce
you’d be stealing from your neighbour