I  planted this line of Camellias along this side wall many years ago. 
I was sick of looking at the bare wall and saw some very little, almost minute, tube stock in the nursery one year and it was a snap decision to plant them 
Actually I’m suprised they have lasted so long as they are in fairly deep shade under the eaves and apart from any rain that blows in never get watered
That window you can see there is in the laundry, which being on the south side of the house lets in minimal light at the best of times and is worse still when I forget to cut these down to a reasonable height 
But look at the fabulous display of flowers this year 
much better than I’ve ever seen for a long time
The labels went walkabout years ago so I have no idea what their ‘names’ are
but aren’t they just delightful

In real life they looked equally good from inside
but the the pictures are a bit fuzzy when taken
through the screen and a dirty window lol
But look at this and laugh
I’d taken this before I realised what the date on the calender was
So heres one with the correct month on it
I can assure you I had done some laundry between April and July!!
The flash didn’t seem to enhance them at all
only made the window look even more grubby
so it looks like I’ll have to do some window washing when this rain finally stops 
and some pruning when the flowers are finished
to see more Flowers for today