You know where weight gain is concerned
it usually happens slowly over a period of time
That change in appearance isn’t noticeable to begin with
Then you start to realise what has happened
and have to do something about it
I’m sure some of you can relate to that lol
Now I’m going off on a tangent here
Its one that doesn’t seem connected to gaining weight
but is connected to a change in appearance   
But before I do go on
one thing you have to remember
is that February is late summer here in Australia
So take a look at my Sedum which I think is Autumn Joy
I had cut it back to ground level when it finished ‘flowering’ the year before
Then I noticed it had really shot up again early in the year  
See all those green broccoli looking ‘flowers’ on top of the long stalks
February 2nd 2011
all photos will enlarge
As the month went by they slowly started to colour up
This is what they looked like by February 26th
They were darker still at the beginning of March 
March 3rd
Then this happened
They had turned the darkest browny red I had ever seen them to be
March 23rd
By  late April the heads had started to die off
and it was time for me to cut them down
sorry no photos
by then it was raining too much to trail round taking pretty pictures lol
And thats how it was for the next few months
Like weight gain it had been time to take action
I didn’t even notice they weren’t there
So much was going on and other things were covering up the space
 but look at this
They are starting to grow again

I took these this morning
See those little green bits
down at ground level near the old stalks
next to grey leaves of the Lambs Ears (Stachys) 
Over Spring and Summer they will grow taller
and be the new flower stalks for next Autumn
Its gone almost a full circle
Great news for the Sedum
Bit of a bugger for me lol
I’ve noticed a bit of a gain but thats as far as its going
Lettuce leaves here we come!!