One of my ‘favourite’ classes at the gym is Body Pump
As the explanation below says it’s a class where you exercise in time to music using a barbell and weights 
is a 60-minute non-impact class
 designed to give your body a complete workout using barbells and weights to music
So after doing a class early yesterday morning 
(not my first class ever but my first at the new gym)
and even tho’ I kept the weights low, my body is now reminding me that the effects of said class are not quite the same as using free weights or exercise equipment:(
Being in a class situation means I put far more energy and enthusiasm into whatever I’m doing than if I just ‘go it alone’ in the gym
Please don’t ask me to pick up something from off the ground  
My thighs are not in the mood !
Could be something to do with squats and lunges lol
Do you put more effort into things when in a group
or do you work better on your own?