I have an old woollen cardigan
Its red, its chunky and its fashioned in a Fisherman’s Rib
I bought it a long time ago to take overseas to be used as a jacket if need be
A trip to see family and friends – nothing fancy planned – so I didn’t take a heavy coat knowing I could always borrow one if need be
Over the years its been one of those garments
that has always given me a sense of comfort
Maybe because that trip was the last time I saw my Dad – but maybe these days because its really old and only ever comes out of the wardrobe when the weather is cold. Its one of those things that keeps me warm and also keeps me happy.
Its been washed that many times it looking its age
has become fuzzy and pilled in places and sort of grown out of shape.  

You’ll often see it hanging on the bedroom door ready to be grabbed if I think its cool in the house but not cool enough to turn the heating on

There’s a hole in a sleeve and one of the seams is coming undone – so some time or another I must find a bit of red wool and do some running repairs .

It has a mate – I have a navy one as well
After the success of the red one on that trip I went back to the shop and sure enough they still had them on sale
This one tends to live on a chairback in the kitchen

Waiting patiently ready for action once the temperatures drop. 

Its great for hanging out washing or weeding
Must be a mother’s instinct about certain colours not showing the dirt lol
Dont worry – they don’t go off the property
They are my equivalent of a mans really old sweater, the one he wears out in his shed 
The one you wouldn’t dare to thow away
Now believe it or not I found they had come back into fashion
I googled Fisherman’s Rib Cardigan and found this 
Click on the link and see all ways they came up with to wear it

Do you have things hanging in your wardrobe – past their use by date – but you just can’t get rid of ?