This weather is beginning to get to me – I don’t mind sharp cold days but miserable cold rainy ones have never been my strong point.  You’d think having been raised in England – and you know what the weather can be like there – these days wouldn’t bother me – but then maybe that’s what has put me off them lol

You know, during those recent years of drought even us here in the suburbs wished like crazy for rain – and, have we had rain since the drought broke.  I remember laughing at someone who jokingly said ‘Be careful what you wish for’……………now I know what she meant lol

Anyway to pass the time away I’ve been going through some of the holiday folders from last years trip when we had a fabulous time in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland visiting friends and family. Looking through those photos I found something else in a similar vein to another post I did recently. 

Do you remember the post called Similar but not the Same – the one about the sheep in Newfoundland………..these photos of a log truck Newfoundland style could also could come under that heading.

We’d just left our B&B at Springdale and were tootling along the road when we  saw this Log Truck.  To ‘our’ eyes it looked overloaded and at one time we thought it was going to tip over

but it carried on its merry way as if nothing had happened.  The size of the tree trunks weren’t massive – in fact they were very spindly –  not like those we get in our forests close to where I live.    Needless to say we overtook and went our way as quickly and as safely as possible lol
I did get told the name of the trees but you know me – the queen of lists at home – I forgot to write it down:((
So heres a look at our log trucks – slightly different – Similar but not the Same