Red sky at night
Shepherd’s delight
Red sky in the morning
Sailor’s warning
Remember that one?
(I know there are other versions but that the one I remember)
I’m not sure where I ‘learnt’ it as a child but it’s been stuck in my mind for a long time
So do you think that old saying is True or False?
Heres a reasonable explanation that even I can understand lol
Whether you believe the explanation or not
there are days when it just happens to prove itself
Take a look at what was coming up over the trees very early in the morning one day last week  
And here we are a couple of hours later
A little bit of blue accompanied by a lot of greyish looking clouds
Thinking it had got rather dark inside the house a couple of hours later
I had another look outside and found this
No wonder I needed the lights on lol
Its quite a while since I’ve taken part but I’m sure
There are other skies to see here