Well, after a week of doing nothing some days and running around like a hairy monster on others all Ireally wanted to do was ‘play around’ in the garden today
But the sight of these grey skies first thing turned me off a bit 

Yes there was a hint of sunshine but it really was a case of

Grey clouds to the left of me
And grey clouds to the right
Meant it was enough for me to bring out the reinforcements
Namely in the shape of my lovely blue gum boots
Certainly not new by any means
but old faithfuls that have been with me for many a year

Some drops of rain before I’d even started sent me back inside for a hot drink and a chance to do a few jobs I kept putting off

I had all day I kept telling myself as the kitchen cats kept me company as I looked out the kitchen window
I popped out to look at the sky
The rain had started to really come down giving the steps a good wash
My wellies stood there patiently waiting for me to get going
Lunchtime came and the sun arrived drying up the rain
My blue boots stood there drying off and enjoying the warmth 
But I had decided to do other things instead
and thats just what I did
Look at this – Tidy at last
In fact I felt so good looking at the first one I ended up doing two
Theres a place for everything and everythings in its place 
Tidying messy drawers isn’t top of my list of exciting things to do but I lost my patience with these two the other day and felt it best they return to their former glory.
Now I just need to keep them that way :))
The sun came out again but I stayed indoors and went on to do other things
Chore for the day was to clean the stove – remnants of cooking from the short patience day needed to be removed lol
It was funny but each time I turned around and looked at those two drawers I had a great big grin on my face
Just like my puddin of a puddy cat