A couple of bloggers asked about the fingerless mittens in the last post.

One pointed out that I hadn’t mentioned yarn or needles.

Oops – that was a slight slip up on my part. 

I use 8ply/DK – size 4mm/UK8 needles and cast on 34 stitches – it knits up quickly and isn’t too bulky on the hands.  The pattern is for an adult ladies hand but you will most likely find it will need to be a bit bigger in the wrist for a man so just add more stitches – because I use 2×2 rib I add in multples of two – then knit the stocking stitch part longer

It usually takes just under 50grms for a pair and I normally just use acrylic but if you can find resonably priced pure wool then go for it as they will be deliciously warm.

Hope that helps