Scarves lol
In various colours and textures
Fingerless mittens.
Such an easy pattern – basically 20 rows rib, 30 rows stocking stitch followed by 6 rows rib. Sew side seam leaving a hole for the thumb
Knitted slippers – using some gifted bright multicoloured yarn as the 1st colour and then contrasting colour from odd balls stash for 2nd. Same base – different look
More slippers but with a softer look more suitable for bedsocks. Gifted multiclour and contrasts from my stash of bits and pieces
Angela at Earthmama had a post the other day telling us about all the craft things she was making to keep friends and family warm this winter
She then asked the question – Whats on your needles?
So heres a look at my kitchen table covered in the knitting I have on the go at the moment
Looks like I’m going to busy for a while finishing them off

This post is back to front – the photos were supposed to be after the introduction but Blogger won’t work properly and I’ve had to revert to the old one. Only problem is I can’t lower the photos to write the intro lol For some reason can’t link to Angela either
So like Angela, my question to you is – What’s on your needles? – What are you working on at the moment ?Anyway whatever it is – enjoy:)